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Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in Hong Kong. About 68 people each day suffer a new or recurrent stroke and the numbers mount up to millions of sufferers over the years. The consequences of stroke can be grave including paralysis, unconsciousness, or even death.

Effects of Stroke/ Severity of Stroke
At least one person is killed by stroke every six seconds around the world. In Hong Kong, about 3,500 people are killed by stroke each year. Stroke is the No.4 killer behind heart disease and cancer, and is a major cause of adult disability in Hong Kong. The effects of stroke include paralysis, the loss of consciousness, speech impairment, memory loss and the damage in critical thinking ability. In the worse cases, stroke can lead to sudden deaths. Stroke survivors often suffer from physical disability, which would greatly affect their activities of daily living.

As the population ages accompanied by an increase in the number of stroke incidents among youth, the consequences of stroke can be far reaching. If an individual who is at higher risk for stroke and if a patient does not receive proper treatment within three hours after the first signs of stroke symptoms, then he/she will have an unfavorable outcome that will affect the lives of the patient and his/her family. The best way to prevent a first-time and recurrent stroke is by learning about the disease, itself.

Our Mission
Bring Awareness and Compassion to the Combat Against Stroke.

Our Aim and Passion
The Hong Kong Stroke Fund, founded by a group of health professionals and community leaders showing concern for individuals affected by stroke, with the mission of enhancing awareness and compassion in the combat against stroke, is a charitable non-profit organization of Hong Kong established in 2011 (charity registration number 91/11856). Hong Kong Stroke Fund aims at enhancing public awareness & understanding on stroke and its prevention.